About the Directory

We Built This for Everyone in Veterinary Medicine

Becca and Brent are managers at a medium sized veterinary clinic in Frisco, Texas. Most days, across the lunch table, we enjoy reading reviews of vet clinics nationwide. We have turned our lunchtime hobby into a legitimate management tool. We discuss service trends that make clients happy then try to replicate them in our clinic and identify traps that upset pet owners. Over the years we have developed a keen eye towards finding well run hospitals. Instead of keeping things to ourselves, we built this Directory of Awesome Vet Clinics.

So why join? Why should you care? How does this directory help your clinic?

The benefits of joining the directory go beyond the obvious of just getting your clinic in front of more potential pet owners. The directory has an SEO benefit as well. SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is something that our profession is just not very good at. Webpages are sorted and graded by search engines using a metric called Domain Authority. Veterinary clinic websites are notorious for having a low Domain Authority, which makes it harder for your webpage to rank in veterinary related searches.

Having your clinic webpage listed here earns a backlink called a “citation”. Industry-specific links, like this citation, are critical in increasing your Domain Authority. A positive feedback loop is achieved when you share the citation (see here) on your homepage.

As Domain Authority increases, your internet real estate becomes more valuable, which is the website equivalent of building a bigger sign outside your clinic. In time, you will begin to perform better in web search on services like Google, Bing and other search engines.

Other reasons to join? Well, it’s free! Really! There are no subscription or marketing fees associated with our Directory of Awesome Vet Clinics. If you submit for consideration, and your clinic meets our standards, you’re in! Then the benefits are all yours. As vets and vet managers ourselves, it’s our way of saying “Thank you!” to the clinics out there who truly go above and beyond for their pets and owners.